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A list of apps that won’t be on your next iPhone?

Jim Dovey (alan quatermain) sets fire to Apple’s new policy on content purchasing:

After another year, Apple decides that, since my application can display content purchased from my store (which isn’t even implemented in my app, it’s just a website), I must now implement in-app purchase of all my content. I hire more people to sort and input my 1 million items into the IAP database, and find that it tops out at 3’500 items, leaving some 996’500 items available only through the website. Maybe I hire a consultant with IAP experience to get an in-app store up & running extra-fast, before the June deadline. Then I publish the next version of the app, and my revenues drop by 27% (I was paying 3% to my payment processor before).

A short list of some of the apps on my phone that violate Apple’s new policy,

  1. Skype
  2. Netflix
  3. Dropbox
  4. Evernote
  5. MailChimp
  6. Remember The Milk

All these apps have links in them that kick out to mobile safari, or an embedded browser window, to purchase some kind of credit or subscription. They’re mostly outside the content sphere, but represent a lot of what I do on my phone.

Apple has gone a few paces too far on this. As a developer I’m not directly affected by this, but it shakes my confidence and makes me much more wary of Apple as a business partner. They feel confident enough to try to commandeer a lion’s share of the profits of some of the most popular apps on their platform, which means they could do much worse to my livelihood without even blinking. They have the right to do this, but that don’t make it right.