Objective Sea

Sailing on the Objective-C sea, see?
Written by Cory, from Davander Mobile.
@corydmc on twitter, or email me objectivesea@davander.com


Compile Calcurse on OS X Lion

  1. Download calcurse-2.9.2. Later versions probably work.
  2. Open the Terminal, cd ~/Downloads/calcurse-2.9.2.
  3. ./configure CFLAGS="-fnested-functions"
  4. make
  5. sudo make install

Edit: after playing with calcurse for a brief period of time, I’ve moved on to wyrd which seems like a better system.

It’s based on a unix app called remind. The only thing that bugs me is that downloading and installing remind is hampered by the developers staunch anti-Apple position.

Edit 2: HOWTO disable the launch delay in remind, when running on closed systems like Apple and Windows. You have to build from source, which is fairly easy (./configure, make, make install, for the most part). You’ll need to comment out the line of code in remind-03.01.10/src/init.c line 143 and 145 before compiling.